Monday, November 22, 2010

Exclusive Mix for in the Mix Volume 11 :: Soundsurfer - Architecture (Nov 2010)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

oldskool rollout

just realised I didn't put this on here...little oldskool selection I did a while back.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

soundsurfer - saturday afternoon

Rainy day today, so I stayed in and played a couple of tunes.

Monday, October 11, 2010

soundsurfer - white light 3.0. studio mix 10/10

more abstract goodness. enjoy!

mix for Sun&Bass competition

so i entered the Sun & Bass competition to score a set down in sunny Sardinia, turns out they liked my mix that much that they booked me properly instead! result!

soundsurfer - DNBSzene Mix Session 003 (05/10)

soundsurfer - quality control. studio mix 04/10

Nothing but good drum and bass, simple as.

soundsurfer - TwoThirty AM. studio mix 11/09

More goodness. Enjoy!

soundsurfer - minutes. studio mix 08/09

Damn good music, as simple as that. Enjoy!

soundsurfer - euphoria. studio mix 07/09

Played around a little the other day, and what do you know, this turned into some sort of a Subsonik Sound showcase. Which can't be a bad thing, can it?
So expect nothing less than peaktime madness, hands-in-the-air killer tunes. Enjoy! 

soundsurfer - outlines. studio mix 04/09

Deep and rolling tunes. Just what I'm all about!

soundsurfer - Live on Aural Impact Radio 07-05-09 archive

archive of my latest show on dark and dutty this time!

soundsurfer - orbits. studio mix 05/07

as usual, a mighty fine selection of sci-fi beats for your listening pleasure!

soundsurfer - robots. studio mix 01/09

Techfunk for the masses. Prepare to be assimilated!

soundsurfer - winter warmer. chill mix 11/08

As it is freezing cold outside, here's a little something to warm up inside to...a laid-back drum and bass selection. Enjoy!

soundsurfer - counterparts. studio mix 09/08

rolling techmospheric vibes. enjoy!

soundsurfer - navigations. studio mix 07/08

Back with the techfunk. Enjoy!

soundsurfer - shores pt. II. chill mix 06/08

Continuing right where shores part one left off!

soundsurfer - alternations. studio mix 04/08

Back on the harder side of things...bring on the techfunk! Enjoy!

soundsurfer - Live on Aural Impact Radio 10-04-08 archive. Oldskool Special

Here's the archive of my little oldskool special from a while back. Classic vibes, amen rollers, you know the deal. Enjoy!

soundsurfer - episodes. studio mix 04/08

Back with the deeper stuff, old and new. Enjoy! 

soundsurfer - intruders. studio mix 02/08

harder beats again...hope you'll like it. enjoy!

soundsurfer - satellites. studio mix 12/07

Techy bits n pieces. Enjoy!

soundsurfer - hypnosis. chill mix 01/08

Back with the chilled-out biz this time. Enjoy!

soundsurfer - back to mine 11/07

I have been wanting to do a 'Back to Mine'-style mix for quite some time, and here it finally is. Enjoy!

soundsurfer - nonlinear systems. studio mix 10/07

Time again for some harder beats. Enjoy! 

soundsurfer - abstracts. late night techstep mix 10/07

something different this time:
as i had to stay in all weekend due to the flu, i had time to listen through all those classic and obscure records from the back of the box i rarely play or forgot i had. came up with this mix, bit on the techstep side of things. enjoy!

soundsurfer - fading echoes. chill mix 10/07

More laidback, spaced-out, chill beats for you...hope you enjoy!

soundsurfer - circuits. studio mix 09/07

back with the in-your-face vibes again...hope you enjoy! 

soundsurfer - observations. studio mix 08/07

Sci Fi beats once again!


ASC & Mav - Too deep for ya [COV024]
Intersidereal - Changing lanes [SDDB194]
Roeg du Casq & Tidal - Sculptures [CAMINODIGITAL001]
Future Engineers - Synergy [COV019]
T-Zo - Million miles (DnB rmx) [dub]
Mav - Time & Space [CVL002]
Doc Scott - Tokyo Dawn [EARTHLP001]
Duo Infernale - Underworld [DIS023]
Mindscape - Wannabe like [CITRUSLP002S2]
Future Engineers - Source Code [GLREP015V]
ASC - Monochrome [COVCD004]
Third Rail - Solstice [dub]
Soulmatic - Give yourself peace [INTRINSIC006]
ASC - Pegasus 77 [COV006]
Amaning - Drug Use [dub]
Method One - In the quiet hours [COVCD004]
Soultec & Joey - South China Sea [dub]

192 kbps, 01:06:28

soundsurfer - summer son. chill mix 06/07

Little summertime chill selection. Enjoy!

all seba mix 06/07

inspired by this thread on DOA, i compiled a little all-seba mix.

soundsurfer - altered states. studio mix 05/07 pt. II

a bit harder this time. enjoy!

soundsurfer - chases. studio mix 03/07

soundsurfer - windows. chill mix 01/07

Thought I'd do some digging through the crates and came up with this, a couple of spaced-out, laid-back grooves to fall asleep, make love or just have a good time to. Enjoy!

J-Laze - Arrow Warz [GLRSX001]
The Projects - 52,000ft high (Tidal rmx) [dub]
Tidal - Alone (With You) [SDDB046]
Soultec & Joey - Sawayoshi [dub]
Seba & Robert Manos - Heaven Sent [SOUL:R023]
Probe One - Substance [TFRCD002]
Voyager - Apollo [GLR027]
PFM - The Western (Mike's Ricochet rmx) [GLRPFM001]
Mykra - Mushrooms 97 [FOKUZ008]
Probe One - Stargate II [TFRCD002]
Aural Imbalance - Secret Motion [CAD003]
Drum Origins - Oracle [FOKUZ002]
Mulu - Pussycat (PFM rmx) [MULU003T]

192kbps, 01:03:25

soundsurfer - my own rules. studiomix 12/06

bit different this time ;)

soundsurfer - shores. chill mix [12/06]

Here's something I did this afternoon...little chillout selection.

soundsurfer - formats. Studio Mix 10/06

Sci-Fi beats for space-age kids ;)