Saturday, May 4, 2013

excursions vol. 4

With the weather getting warmer, it's time to draw for something different again! This time around it goes from deep house into tech house and techno, with a little tribal flavour thrown in for good measure. Enjoy.


Tom Middleton - Cicadas (Maya Jane Coles remix)
Stefano Esposito - Deep In The Dark (Other Version)
Juan Smooth - Deep Groove
Sami Wentz - Finally Too
Laura Jones - Inner Place
Maya Jane Coles - Play The Game
Guy Gerber - One Day In May
Huxley & Russo - Don't Undastand
Baunz - 808, Pausetapes & Other Shit
And.Id - Erotica
Mendo & Yvan Genkins - Preacher
Gavin Herlihy - Stand For Something
Tom Flynn - Be Yourself
Francesco Rossi feat. A & JS - Paper Aeroplane (Vocal Mix)
Sascha Sonido - Okavango Delta
Kink - Detunator
Bobby Champs - Steve Martin
Gingy & Bordello - Iron & Water
Ethyl & Huxley - Reflexions
Technasia - Sunkiss
Trevino - Backtracking

192kpbs, 1:39:45



  1. Hi! The Beatplexity link is dead, and Mixcrate would not let me create an account.

    I love your "Fading Echoes" mix. I first heard it on XTC Radio. The way it builds up to the climax, Gorecki, is awesome. Thanks, Steve.

    1. Hi Steve, glad you're feeling it. Added a mirror link for you. Enjoy!