Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Everything Old Is New Again. Studio Mix 11/16

Tunes that quote past styles of music have always been popping up within the Drum & Bass genre, but lately there has been a large amount of first-class output. These are sounds which hark back to the mid to late 90s, and they all seem oddly familiar, yet really fresh and up to date. This is one look back at the time where all seemed possible within this music, a tour through old and new. 

Dom & Roland feat. Robert Manos - Sirens Song
Paranoid Society - Crp Thm
MartianMan - Saddle Up (Pad Version)
Digital & Spirit - Mosquito
Digital - Steady Eddie
Phuture-T - Crown Ether
Seba & Paradox - You Didn't See It Did You?
Nucleus & Paradox - Videoman
Spirit - Request Line
Xtrah - The Base
Outer Heaven - All Headz
Sully - Rotten
Digital & Response - Silver Lining
Moresounds & Fracture - Dead And Bury
Expose & Slider - Reference Point
Digital & Spirit - Heaven 
Skitty - Brix 81 (Nolige Refix)
Gremlinz - Fallen (Rumbleton Remix)
Goldie - Kemistry (Grooverider Remix)
Stranjah - Intalus VIP
Homemade Weapons - The Gauntlet Amen
Om Unit - Sleepwalkers
Gremlinz & Ahmad - The Orchid
Dillinja - Deadly Deep Subs (Remix)
Jubei feat. Steo - Cold Corner
Total Science - Man Down
SB81 - Blueprints
DJ Vapour - Magic Roundabout
Gremlinz & Homemade Weapons - Scar-H
Fracture - Better Than Tomorrow 
Blocks & Escher - Madness
Adam F - Metropolis
Ride - Little Madame
Acid Lab - Roots People
SB81 - Pache
Ink, Gremlinz & Ahmad - Omega Red
Skru - Arena Amen (Dave Hoax Remix)
J Majik - Your Sound (Remix)
Spirit - Provider
SB81 - 90's
Double O - Cold Room
Rumbleton - Vibration Centre
Response - Let's Pretend




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