If you've been following the german dnb scene closely, the name SOUNDSURFER probably crossed your path at one time or another.

The Early Days

SOUNDSURFER's fascination with music in general began at an early age. His dad, an early 70s Soul/Motown and Rock DJ himself, made sure music was an important factor in the household. This developed into an interest for all sorts of musical genres spanning from RnB, Funk, early electronica, to psychedelic Rock and more.

The so-called "Second Golden Age Of Hip Hop" in the early nineties inspired him to get involved into all elements the Hip Hop culture had to offer. Of these, DJing stuck and led him onwards to discover breakbeats and eventually UK Garage. It was only natural that Drum and Bass would follow.

A Major Switch

Stepping into the dnb scene in 2002, where he mainly focused on delivering A-grade atmospherics and liquid dnb sets, he quickly set up a collective of DJ's spanning across Germany as well as the UK, dedicating themselves to push the deeper side of drum and bass into the forefront.

However, not satisfied with limiting himself to one type of sound, he decided to move on to different styles within the genre, playing tougher beats as well.

After setting up various projects like Cologne's Fathom Sessions, a radio show called Aural Impact, as well as further contributions to the scene in Cologne, he is currently working for US-based dnb imprint Subsonik Sound Recordings, where he is proud to present music from a wide roster of producers like Agent Alvin, Fourward, Rregula, to name a few.


SOUNDSURFER's travels to deliver quality drum and bass music took him across Germany, to the Sun & Bass festival in Sardinia, and many other places, with many more to come.